Has anyone ever figured out why the fuck Android reboots seemingly out of nowhere at random times?

Is it kernel panics? Is it some shitty bug that has been plaguing this cursed OS since its inception? [sidenote: boy that was a mouthful of 's'es]
Or are we already at the mercy of the Big Brother, and someone at the controls likes to play random pranks on us when they're bored?

Thinking of switching to LineageOS more and more, but I'm kinda worried about resetting my phone since I've never done full backups/restores and I have no experience in the matter...

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    What device do you have? What android version?

    I'm running Resurrection Remix and never had such problems.
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    Does your rom have a way to obtain system logs? You could check what's actually happening.
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    I had some phones that would randomly brick themselves
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    I've had android devices for the past ten years and never had this issue. It sounds odd. Are you running an old version or something?
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    Mine sometimes does this, but it's because I sometimes accidentally hold down the power button, when my phone is in my pocket
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    I've seen it. Wiping data sometimes helps, but sometimes the rom is just too buggy. A Lenovo tablet with stock rom would constantly crash if microSD was inserted.
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    @PrivateGER @RememberMe @Elyz I'm running a Galaxy S6 with the official Android 7.0 (which is the most recent update available).
    This is far from the first time this has happened - other times, it even bootlooped multiple times in a row, and every time it was out of nowhere while I was using it.
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