My current employer wants references from my previous employer so they can use my reputation to bid on a proposal.

At the end of my last week at my previous employer, my current employer pulls me into some proposal interview when I am supposed to be doing critical handoffs.

I asked my previous manager if he can be a reference today. He tells me the handoff I was supposed to do on my last week that new employer pulled me away from was very important and they suffered because the handoff meetings got interrupted.

Manager will give me a good reference but not for use by my current employer. As he put it they can get f**ked. He wants me to tell them he will never assist them in winning a proposal by giving a reference.

He wouldn’t hesitate to give me a glowing reference to any other job though.

I now have to tell the proposal team that I can’t use my previous boss on any proposal for a reference because of the way the lady handled my hiring. Procurement is going to be pissed with her. I have all of my emails from that interaction ready showing how she twisted my arm.

More about that on one of my previous devrant posts if you are interested.

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