I envy all those developers with clean codebases and consistent coding standards and nice architecture.

I'm fixing bugs and optimize code in someone else written project. which looks like spaghetti. with naming conventions like "a", "bbb", "zA" comments written in unknown language and off course the deadline was yesterday.

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    The grass is always greener at the other side, I feel like every codebase has dark parts where the sun doesn't shine. Hacks and classes that don't really belong but have no alternatives

    Semi-clean will do I guess
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    But the situation you describe is... catastrophic
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    I feel you...
    I was just shown one such codebase today. :)
    Architecture so clear, damn!
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    Maintaining code quality and style is hard. And unfortunately not so important for the business standpoint. If it works, can be further developed and fixed, it's good enough. No others than developers cringe about code style.
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