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    Real engineers don’t do that...
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    "Real engineers don’t do that..."


    damn it, well that just invalidates any opposing argument I might make...
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    @Demolishun what possible defense is there to copy pasting shit code off the internet into your company’s software? Even if we accept the premise it’s very unlikely that any give ten lines of code will come even close to just dropping into your project (and in case this was not clear, I absolutely do not accept the premise)
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    @FrodoSwaggins Sorry, I was being silly. I copied what you said, and made the attempt to say that any argument I could make was invalidated by the fact that I copied what you said.

    I agree with you. Besides copying code often ends up copying bugs. Sorry for the confusion of my failed attempt.
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    I only use SO to understand why my problem exists and how it could potentially be solved. I rarely copy and paste code from there, if you dismiss copying and pasting CLI commands to do one specific job
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    @Demolishun ah ok that’s funny :) didn’t get it at first
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    Is copying and pasting code not ok if you understand what the code does and how it applies to your use case? You should also have self-written unit tests to prevent bugs in the copy-pasted code.
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    I'm an engineer and I copy and paste all the time!
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