For me, it was when I discovered how dynamic linking (.dll, .so) works, and why a linker is needed to run even a simple "Hello world!".

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    Better than poking data to the screen memory like I used to 😋
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    @Root we've all been there i guess.. ollydbg ftw 😅
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    @myss to be fair, it was on a dos/9x machine. And later while writing my own OS. So 😋
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    dynamic linking? discovered? really?
    did you include dlfcn.h in your source code?
    did you really call dlopen and dlsym? and dlclose after then?
    are you really sure you need all the above to say hello world?
    i assume you never left static linking
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    @bvs23bkv33 Good luck running a Hello world written in C without dynamic linking to some lib of your OS.
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