Just wondering if the UI of devRant Android app sucks because the app developers want us to think that "Devs can't be good designers" 😂

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    It's not that bad. Could use a little UX improvement but the UI is pretty nice.
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    Welcome to devRant! Great community. You will really enjoy it. Lots of happy Android users but always room for improvement in all of our apps.
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    @Jumpshot44 looking forward to a great time here. 😊
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    I think you're on your own in thinking that the ui sucks. @trogus has done a brilliant job with branding and ui as a whole.
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    @JakeHL Yes he has done a brilliant job in making the target demographic of this app feel at home. 😊
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    Then I don't really understand this rant 🙃🙃
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    We're always working on improvements. What specifically do you dislike about the UI? Is it hard to use/unintuitive? Is it unattractive?
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