Finished with the interview for the new project. It's my last week in the current one. I felt good after the interview. It went really well and the first time I actually thought I know something.

That made me think of the years I wasted in other companies. I learned more in the first three months with this start-up project than I did in the last six years with multinational companies. I wish I didn't give into the prestige or some stupid brag rights of working with big names. They mean nothing and I didn't feel like an actual developer until now.

The interviewer is an American, thank god for the lack of hard or curly accents. Finally, someone I can talk to without the additional stress of "What the fuck are you even saying right now?" No random dogs barking in the background. No children crying or silverwares clanking. No made-up words. No interdimensional modes of communication as if you're talking to someone through a Ouija board. The conversation flows like in a casual date with a non-awkward specie.

I fucking love it. I'm not gonna say I'm excited because awful shit always happens as soon as I say that.

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    So it was a promo, wasn't it? :) told ya...

    Btw I'm genuinely happy for you! Too bad we'll lose many good rants 😁
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    @netikras Hmm. I guess it was minus the stupid titles. Thank you! 😄

    Oh I'm sure there will be rants in a couple of months. There's always something. Haha.
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    @rutee07 Best of luck!
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    I moved to a local development company from a multinational. The smaller local company has multiple cities that it operates in and it seems like they are trying to be more like a multinational. Why? Holy crap the on site collaboration is amazing. It only gets worse and worse the more remote the work is.

    That said, some people are really good at remote collaboration. Most are not.
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    @netikras "it was a porno" 😳 what?
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    I’ve been given advice previously that you should stay in a position for 12 months and then move on! Keeps you actually learning and not getting comfortable
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    @irene 😁 someone needs to get off one's porn watchlist and stop seeing porn everywhere, doesn't one? 😁
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    @netikras nah. Porn is nice
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