PDPs are just a manipulative method for the capitalist to find out how you could get more exploited.

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    @12bitfloat Pewdiepies
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    @12bitfloat personal development proccess,the meeting you get every 3 months to discuss how u are going
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    Personal Data Pidgeons

    RFC 1149 anyone?
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    What kind of fucked up thing is calling having a job exploitation? That is a recipe for getting fired.
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    Well they SHOULD help you and the company improve and advance in your career. I can see how it can be exploitative.
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    @joas you are not getting personal improvement, you are getting better at the specific project u work on, with time u don't do critical thinking but rather mechanical programming, I feel this is just degenerative
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    @funvengeance The personal development meetings you have sound a lot different than what I've had. For my experience it's about feedback, plans for self-development (generally) and responsibility area tweaking.
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