I'm looking to learn a multipurpose programming language that can do both Web and desktop applications for multiple platforms.. I would also like it to have a nice and easy to use MVC framework available. Currently I'm considering:

Ruby on Rails

Also note, I develop on a mac.

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    Node.js, electron?
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    Java matches your description
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    Golang is pretty versatile like that.
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    You can do it with almost any language.
    I would use C++ and the framework wt(witty).
    But thats Me being a C++ guy.
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    Look into c#, can do Web with asp.net and desktop stuff too
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    Python all the way!
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    I'd say c# would fit your needs best. Python is very easy to pick up though if your interested, I can't say much for ruby as I have done very little with it.
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    Scala! It's Java without the verbosity and with functional programming added to the oop!

    I use it with the Play framework and it's awesome.
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