Not a rant

After coding, cooking/ book reading is my favorite hobby.

Before last 3 month I took dcsn to give a shot to my other hobby cooking and pause on coding for few months.
I decided to give 100days to my cafe.

Arranging money and perfect location took 2 months , on 16 july I started my cafe not so fancy, just sweet simple.

Means 30 days we're completed,
I was earning 1000 inr as software developer, i am earning 10000 inr daily . My net profit is 1500inr

Moral of the story

Don't hesitate to take risk
Believe on yourself
Never never never start with partnership

Currently I have to pay 1.5 lakh to my ex business partner who left cafe in first 15 days


Forget personal life. Your business is your priority.

Not spend even १ full day with my family and gf in last 3 months.

Soon I will back in software.

Have a good day to everyone.

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    You're doing it right 🙂
    Be proud and keep it up!
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    You sure your girlfriend is still your girlfriend?
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    @Humanoid- It's '1' in the Devnagari script.
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    I remember your old rant about the café! 🙂
    1500 per day as a business doesn't seem like much tho. IMO you should grow it more by reinvesting the money in the café rather than using it for day-to-day expenses.
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    @cst1992 Yep, this.
    If you reinvest into your business and give it some time, your income should increase considerably.
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    @0x000000 yes

    She is taking care of my clothes and date expenses.
    That's her way to contribute in my business.
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    @cst1992 it's my native profit per day,
    65 days are remaining. Hope for best
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    @sudocode ulhasnagar, kalyan

    Most welcome anytime
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    @import-fun What do you mean by native profit? Just post in hindi if you want.
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    Means after cutting every expenses including raw material, rent ,emp and everything , remaining money is native profit means my own profit is 1500rs / day
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    @import-fun If you've taken out reinvestment money, then you mean, it's your cut.
    Not bad as a start, not bad at all!
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