Lead Developer = Peace maker

If it's not Senior Developers fighting it's architects.

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    No, we can't all get along dammit. Adam is insisting we migrate to Spring 5 & use reactive libraries, which is a waste of time, but whatever. But Pete is *insisting* we use RxJava over Reactor, which is nuts considering we're now using a source level of 11 and we can't even use the built in Java 8 stuff. Meanwhile you promoted Greg to a senior dev last week and he's simultaneously bragging he knows, I quote, "all about the reactive stuff", but his understanding seems to be you just call "block()" on everything and convert it to a list. Please sort these morons out.
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    @AlmondSauce pretty accurate if you throw some Kubernetes chat in there too.
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    @LMagnus I was going to go for Kafka chat, but yup 😂
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    @rutee07 I am the lead developer. I've refrained so far!
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    PM walks in.

    Alright guys, where are we on the release?
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