if (boolValue == true) ...
I know it works, but just kill me now.

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    This bothers me too.
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    if ($something == $something_else) {
    return true;
    } else {
    return false;
    It will piss me off a little until my last breath
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    Verbosity never hurt anyone. ;)
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    @JakeHL I suppose you're right. Unless someone has a reason verbosity is bad. Lol
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    I mean, extreme Verbosity to the point of inefficiency might be a reason, but op's post isn't too bad :)
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    It's redundant, uncalled for, and offends me.
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    @drndavi definitely the most common example from my experience. it makes it harder to read, particularly when you are looking at a 1000 lines of php spaghetti code with just about everything in the global namespace...

    of course there's also this gem:

    if(a) {}
    elseif (b) {}
    else {
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    @drndavi Or worse:
    return $something == $somethingElse ? true : false;

    I see this in many places... :/
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    @JakeHL I'm up for verbosity as far as it removes the need for comments, any other than that is too much :D
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