I took a career transition last year and I'm starting to question my decision. I'm stuck.

I've only learned to hack shit together in my past jobs (except one freelance project where I pretty much learned most of what I now properly know), exposing me to bad practices. To make it worse, I lack fundamentals and basics so can't even write JavaScript beyond for loops without documentations.

Lately I've been pushed to take charge in structuring a project from scratch. I failed at understanding what exactly Webpack does mainly because it required knowledge of web modules which I still find elusive. I make time to learn basics in the evening or weekends but most of the time I'm taking home the internship work project that I, again, just need to hack shit together, depleting my energy by the end of day.

Now I'm at the stage where I need money, for which I'm thinking of applying for waitressing or entry-level marketing jobs. I'm shit scared that I'll never break into the industry and will just end up living day by day feeling unfulfilled.

I'm so tired of trying.

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    I just want to say, continue to learn! Start another side project, but get a job. Money is going to be important no matter what you do. If you want to make good money, and you can handle stress very well, be a server. But if you can't handle stress you have to find a different job.
    I am a server now and it is much less stressful than the last place I worked at, but it is still bad.
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    Most of us learn by hacking stuff around, learning under pressure is no doubt difficult. If possible try building something within your skill level to begin to understand why we do certain stuff in a certain way then level up slowly. Sometimes we have to crawl before we can walk. Money wise I can't comment on your options
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