Boxcutter blades welded onto a lamp post near USA embassy in Moscow, Russia. I’ve never seen that kind of shit anywhere else in my country.

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    This is what you call bleeding edge DEVelopment. ;-)
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    The same in the Netherlands, they also have heavily armed US forces patrolling the entry way and there is a big moat with mines (or other kinds of booby traps, the actual data is state secret, everything is built by US companies)
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    This is a sketch of it which shows the most and entry lane quite well.
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    Also I see soldiers on the roof quite often, as if they are under constant threat.
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    Welded? I mean cutter blades are so thin, how didn't they burn down....

    Unless maybe they used Kemp :?

    But then again, these blades are stainless steel. Bend them to a side and they'll pop. Hit 'em w/ a hammer or a rock and they'll break whereever you want.

    But I've gotta admit, it looks scary. Though as for russians I'd expect something more rugged
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    @netikras ah, I can see where you're from.
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    @netikras well using mig welder still counts as welding 😅
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    From the photo it looks like they are not welded but tightened with a bolt and a nut.
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    MIG in spite being better than stick in that situation wouldnt work.
    It has to be TIG or oxy-acetylene.
    But knowing russians they propably used first two and targeted the thick pipe mostly so the blade wouldnt melt. Still that is a stupid idea and they could have put something better suited for that job, of scaring away people, like Trump

    For legal reasons the last part is a joke.

    Edit: Further inspection of the picture reveals that those box cutter blades are actualy box cutter knifes and they are bolted to a metal piece that is welded to a pole.
    So even if they were welded, they propably have metal casings that would be thick enough to weld (depends if casing is made of weldable metal tho)
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