Boss refused to sing my termination latter saying he wont sign it until CTO returns from vacation (2-3 weeks)... So today i brought my freelance project to work and i work on it.. guess who is making more €/h today and doesnt have to pay for electricity

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    🤨you need approval to resign?
    You handed you're termination over, and should have included a final work day on it.

    That my friend is you're termination accepted.
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    @C0D4 well i live in slovakia and we have pretty retarded laws here. In the past you could just one day not show up and company couldnt do anything about it, then they changed it and companies can now fuck people over .Yes boss has to accept your termination letter when you hand it to him but we also heve 1/2 months (depenting if you work at company for more than a year) "leaving period" where you cant just leave the job, also if he signs it 1.9.2020 my leaving period will start 1.10.2020.. and if i leave sooner he can sue me for money he lost.. and as i said this country has retarded laws and our judicial system is only about how much money you have and who you know, he can simply say i did not give him any termination letter and just left. This way i work on my projects, they pay me for sitting here and i have free electricity..
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    @MattSK that's the saddest thing I've heard today.
    ahwell, enjoy the seat warming while they skrew you around.
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    @irene Nope.. as i said if i make them fire me they cant do a shit.. remember.. these laws dont make any sence.. if i leave now i get into trouble.. if i now "accidentally" publish all usernames and passwords to databases cause them to lose tens of thousands of € they can fire me at best (happened to one guy who worked here).. welcome to slovakia
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    @irene If i pushed him hard he would sign it.. i can take picture of that termiantion letter on his desk and than he is basically screwed and would have to sign it... but i dont mind as i said.. im not working for this company at the moment anyway and they are paying me..
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    I wish more companies would sing terminations
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    @MattSK so I think it's a pretty good law :)
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    @MattSK Doesn't it mean if you get paid you are working for the company? At least in Finland everything you produce during your work time is owned by the company (usually).
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    @joas Well you have to switch mindset from 1st world country to 2th world country.. How can they prove i made that while working there not at home, nobody sees what im doing and im not even connected to internet here. Dont know about how companies treat people in finland but here its basicly either you fuck with the them or you wait, work hard, honestly and they fuck with you the moment they can, i know many programmers who worked at company for 6 years working hard, overtimes and for 1/3 of what their were worth and were fired the moment company did not need them anymore or they asked for raise.
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    @MattSK Soo pretty different. You are right in that it's an ancient law designed for old-school work. But I won't take the risk. If I'm working for my own benefit in the office, I'm not on the company's time and I use my own laptop.
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    I would of dabbed the tf out of that office after handing in my resignation to HR instead.

    But alas, all countries do shit differently and adapt to each other’s different practices.
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