throw away thread, move along

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    So, @azuredivay, I want xamarin forms shared if I want to maintain one codebase, correct?
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    @azuredivay So you've not worked expressly with xamarin?
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    @azuredivay It feels bloated. One of the main problems with Microsoft products is that

    nobody REALLY uses them.

    What I mean that is if you search for a problem on Google, you get MOSTLY official documentation instead of community documentation.
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    @azuredivay Awesome awesome resource, I had a feeling you'd point me in a good direction.

    Were not building an app, per se. It's more of a tool to supplement a webapp we built.

    The core concept is to make it a camera app that links to Microsoft Cognitive Services and runs OCR / image recognition on various items. Then updates the database based on the current work item.

    And it'll be run on either MS tablet or Android, so Xamerin seems like the right choice.
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