I just got e-mail:

"Sunsetting Mercurial support in Bitbucket

After much consideration, we've decided to remove Mercurial support bla bla bla crocodile tears bla bla..."

So basically, Bitbucket started out as a Mercurial repository hosting platform. After GitHub's rise in popularity, they decided "hey, everyone's welcome, both Hg and Git!" Then it became Git and "okay Hg too, but shhh don't tell anyone". Now they FINALLY completed running it into the ground: "Only 1% of repositories are Mercurial" - yeah no shit sherlock, after actively hiding the fact you support it, people don't find out you support it! Surprised Pikachu! Oh congrats, Atlassian. You're so smart.

Mercurial support was the sole reason I had repositories there. I mean, for Git we already have GitHub, GitLab and others. So what's their unique selling point again? What's that, the sound of crickets? Thought so.

So after that, hopefully they change the name to "Gitbucket". Or preferably "Bitfuckit".

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    So you use Mercurial? I don’t know anything about it... What does it have over Git?
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    @M1sf3t You deleted your account?
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    Thank you @irene and @M1sf3t for helping me understand why someone would use hg over git.

    This might be a good solution for the OP, if he wants to continue using hg and bitbucket https://hg-git.github.io
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    @FelisPhasma My 2¢:
    Hg is more willing to innovate. E.g. take one of the basic Git rules: Don't mess with commits (amend, rebase, ...) once pushed, or others have to re-clone the repo. Otoh in Hg, "Changeset Evolution" allows safe commit editing. Pretty cool.

    Imho the UI is nicer, too. It's said you need to unlearn other VCSs to really grok Git. Wouldn't it be better if that gave you a headstart instead? To me coming from SVN and BZR, "hg revert" was familiar. Not in Git, for no reason. It's such a shame, really.

    Other things are unnecessarily complex in Git. Like the stage and the remote-tracking/local branches split. And yet, both are equally powerful. You can start with a Git repo, import it in Hg, and re-import it in Git without data loss.

    Don't get me wrong, Git isn't bad. Just more basic, in a sense. It has all these cool low-level features (aka "plumbing"). But then has so-so abstractions on top and somehow never takes its capabilities to the next level.
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    @FelisPhasma hey, thanks for suggesting hg-git. I'll look into it. I might still leave Bitbucket ("voting with your feet" and all), but this looks useful nevertheless. 👍
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    @VaderNT Dang dude! My initial reaction to your rant was going to be to say “suck it up and use git” but now you’re making me want to use hg!!

    Things in git really are unnecessary complex!
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    Who the f*** uses BitBucket anyways.
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