Open source mail server?
I'm using Mailu but was thinking if there are other good options?
Also it is better if it has a docker image

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    postfix + dovecot
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    Complete suite?
    Postfix and dovecot + helpers for spam etc. (as @kescherRant mentioned)
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    Make sure you don't fuck up NAT with mailcow, or you end up with an open relay (don't do SNAT into mailcow)
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    rspamd is a good self-configurable and trainable spam milter that can be easily interated into dovecot. I have it in use myself, and I feed it new training data every day (a lot of mails to train on)
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    integrated, but hey I can't see what U'm typing
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    Thank you guys I will check them out, though out of curiosity does any of them have 2 factor login?
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    @gitpush mailcow comes with 2 factor, at least partly. Also has rspamd, SpamAssassin and clamav already integrated
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    I'm using MailInABox on a dedicated mail vps. Found that to be the easiest.
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    @Kimmax looks good so far, might go ahead and switch to it

    @olback Thanks will check it out
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    I use the mailing list to increase the target audience of my blog.
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