Dev Rant account: created
me: how this is work ?

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    Random devRant user: Welcome to devRant!
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    Welcome to our community.
    It is simple.

    You post rants about IT/programming, you have plepthoria to see what it is about, you comment other's rants, you smash that "++" and make content worthy smashing "++" button.

    Or if someone pissed you off, we perfectly know that best way for lot of ppl out there is to tell someone about it. And here you go, perfect place. You post quite freely, noone will want to fuck you up for swearing (just keep it civil) or shit like that.

    please manage your tags, if you rant about say javascript, add these "js, javascript" tags ;)

    Also, setup your avatar. More ++ you get more stuff you can slap into your avatar ;)
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    @DubbaThony thanks for the introduction, now i got it
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