I love my Thinkpad. ♥️

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    Looks good and you work with VS, very nice bro, keep up the good work 👌🏻
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    @Asbetha thanks. I really enjoy use VS. But I don't like it's native control for git. I prefer to use git bash. I feel git bash brings me more control than vs.
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    @Marks7e that's what happens when you try to build a GUI for something that's quicker and easier to control and isn't missing everyday features in the cli.

    Run commands from the built in terminal instead.
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    I'm a GUI guy and I'm glad that VS provided some gui for git, made my life much easier, 2/3clicks and you're done
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    @Marks7e yes VS sucks hard with git terms, fuck them for even trying to change the terms, git bash is just better than the random button naming
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    @devTea which terms did they change? Everything that i know and it's enough for ne is: pull, merge, commit, push
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    @dontbeevil once I was greeted with a message saying check in, is it committed locally or remote? Can’t fund rebase button, sync is fetch? My work requires me to use VS so usually I just have the git bash from git installation floating around
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    @devTea they had to keep some historical names for people that's always been used to version control in VS (TFSVC)
    -I think checkin in that case was used like "create a repo"
    - you can go in changes menu and commit or stage
    - you can go in sync menu and push and pull
    - you can go in branches: and creat/delete/merge branches

    if you are curious to understand/learn/try more:

    but if you're fine with CLI, I'm not forcing you to do it :)
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    And I love mine. 😍
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