I realized that I'm spending about 2 hours in the taxi so I told myself that I I gotta make use of this time and started reading books about pentest and such.
After a while I noticed that this is not working as expected. Because the stuff I was trying to learn by just reading books were mostly practical and I had to see how they really work (like running the codes and so on)
So I reviewed my long term plans and oh! All the topics are practical !

So I'm asking you:
What are the useful topics that I can learn by just reading or what are the other ways I can make use of this time?

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    Play minecraft. Develop your spacial skills and create geometric things.
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    You could study topics like human computer interaction (HCI), software development methodologies, or software design patterns.
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    I have an old rooted android phone with some terminal app on it. Whenever I am in a bus or train I grab my e-reader and fool around with the practical stuff on my phone. It’s not ideal but at least I learn a thing or two. Sometimes I also read the current trends or some forum stuff. Ps: a tablet is a little more comfortable because you can switch from books to code tools or terminal :D
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    Laptop? Just wondering.
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