This is a controversial topic and I tell you about this how I perceive it.

There are a lot of women in tech/IT groups with really interesting topics and discussions I'd like to join ... you know ... because I don't want to pay a lot of money to a course or read a book about it and be with the topic myself (or in online forums) ... I want to be in a cool offline community that shares the love about developing.

But I can't. Because they do not allow men. With the reason that women are not respected in tech/IT and therefore men are not allowed to join.

This is just racist and this policy makes no difference between them and those guys who really are just assholes. Even if I tried to discuss this, it was instantly shut down with "this is our rule and we do not discuss this" or "you just don't understand this". That is right. I can't understand it if I never get a reasonable explanation.

I can understand that they want to build a nice community but this is just a stupid limitation and a huge loss to get other perspectives of things.

In my studies and career I had never seen the problem where things escaleted that seperation was needed. If somebody feeled attacked about something, they said it and we stopped doing or changed it. It's not easy but it helps. Communication is key.

What is your opinion about it? Do you see it the way I see or can you help me see this from another perspective?

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    sexist* not racist. These are two completely different concepts.
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    I can imagine there are real issues with being a woman in dominantly men's world, but honestly they are taking it too far by limiting communities based on gender. Just banish all the a holes and you're done
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    Those answers make me counter answer: "Oh that's nice to hear, I dodged a bullet for how fucking stupid those reasonings are".
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    Equal rights != Equal rights.
    Very standard stuff really.
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    @C0D4 Some people just want rights more "equal" than the others. *Shrugs*
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    I think men should finally react to this shit and ban women on some random tech events collectively. After all, that's what men have to accept, too.

    Of course this would become a shitstorm, but that's the point. Also, maybe it would get more women out of their passive complicity.
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    Just dont pay mind to it. Normal reasonable people don't join these groups on either side... Its a sign of elitism in both sexes and It's not worth the hassle.
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    Actually, it's quite hard to find a solution if those groups aren't willing to listen.

    I saw this on different scales from small groups, meetups, and even conferences. For real a conference with proper support and sponsoring but you can't join for a nonsense reason.

    This pattern is very common with minority groups :/
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    @irene The shit should hit the fan because gender related participation bans would come into broader discussion as well as the leftist bigotry that they very much favour sexism and also racism if it's against white men.
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    @irene That cake is already down the gutters anyway, and pissing off the misandric left won't do additional harm. Of course they will spit fire and brimstone when they get to see their own ugly face mirrored.

    Men have tolerated the crusade against them for far too long already, and giving in time and time again has only encouraged further actions against men. Because giving in is not seen as kindness, but as weakness.
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    @Fast-Nop It's also seen as accepting and even giving sanction to their actions.

    I've seen groups like this form time and time again, and invariably they always progress to where being female just isn't enough. Those members who are minorities are seen as more deserving and accepted within the group, and eventually all non-lesbian, non-trans, non-black, non-muslim women are only tolerated, and of course never given any real credibility within the group.

    And ahh, the lynchings. If you draw the group's ire for any reason, they all swarm and tear you apart. Suddenly you are everything they despise, and no effort is too great to put an end to you. Flaming, doxing, deletion of work and content, banning, public shaming and character assasination, calling your employer, ... . It's scary.
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    @Root Naturally - there's only so many who can score the gold medal at the victim olympics. Once self-victimisation for profit has become common among women, the goalposts start moving.

    And I'll laugh so hard when the first white men-hating hyaena gets devoured by her own pack over her wrong race!
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    @Fast-Nop The lynching happens at random, and its frequency has been increasing. They band together and attack others with zealous fervor, until they randomly turn on one of their own.

    Have you seen Tumblr? Great example of this happening in the wild.
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