Me: Runs Dedicated Server from home, cheap easier to admin and easy to keep up with upgrades and hardware for my needs.

UKWeather: HA ya I given you 3 good years of OK weather so now you have some super hot weather as I know your brits have no AC haha.

Me: Well darn (alt F4, shutdown - reason: Two Hot )

Time to drill holes move cables and relocate the server to a more cooler place in the home :P

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    Two hot? What's next - three hot?
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    @kamen I was thinking four hot as it doubles, but it's nice to see users still think it's OK to pick on spelling, when some of the most smartest devs and scientists was or are dyslexic, I so love it when users show how shallow they really are by doing things like this, well done.
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    @theKarlisK I have not seen the count for a long time :) that put a smile on ones face :P
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    @Rexzooly Okay, maybe you have a
    valid excuse, but I see way too many people who are illiterate in their own native language.
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    @kamen There is many reasons why someone might be illiterate, but we has humans only need one reason to react like a git, but we don't need rime or reason to be nice to someone. I am dyslexic and I also find problems with users from another language not understanding the meanings of the English word, (English is a mind fuck to english let alone someone not native) but if I felt it was said wrong I would find a nice way to say did you know or so one to point it out.

    I am dyslexic not stupid and if someone is pointed out right I don't might be pointed out I got something wrong, maybe(mostly wont) but maybe it would make something click for it to make it right next time.

    All I ask is have a little more respect :)
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    @StefanH Well I am sorry but what you stated lazyness is one of the main this of dyslexia but, if I asked you to lets say read something for me to see if it was right, then I want the truth and if I used the wrong version of a word what I do a lot, sometimes I might have to ask them to explain, it's not about been lazy it's about unable to retain that information even after been told.

    But how you explained how you would point it out to me sounds like the right way if someone asks for help and really did put the wrong this it should be pointed out as it can change the meaning.

    And there is also still a nicer way to explain someone got something wrong :) But the one thing you just said is people been lazy in many cases is also many dyslexic or other mental health problems linked to dyslexia so please don't believe it's just lazy :) sadly people will use it as a cop out also but same time if we just change how we react to it makes it better for everyone.
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    @StefanH I agree some people will be lazy but also people whom are Dyslexic do spell things wrong, or use the wrong word, or you think the right word, this is what I hate the most when I want to write something I end up writing a completely different word that angers me as if I am speed writing I can forget what I was trying to say.

    You are right there are many people that do it because there been lazy but not limited :) and I understand that.
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