I wonder if they have speech to text for code.

Var cars equals left bracket quote Saab quote comma quote Volvo quote comma quote BMW quote right bracket semi-colon

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    A lady I never actually met had carpal tunnel issues and was a software programmer. She used Dragon software back in the day to do her coding. The other employees said it sounded like what you said all day.
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    There is, just more user friendly :)


    Edit: oh, wrong memory of what the video showed, still worth a look haha
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    and just what exactly might you be building? that sounds like it might be something I'd be interested in for my day job 🤔
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    Does your array store cars or car companies?
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    @irene inefficient is relative. Someone with a hand injury might find this way more efficient than trying to type. I imagine it would be painful to use for someone who can type effectively but if you have limited options you use the tools you can find.
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