Yesterday I bought a book. I did not know about it. So I read the first few pages before purchasing it. I did not look for the review online. I paid by card - not through my phone or contactless, just plain old card going into a chip and pin device.

This morning I got an advert in Facebook that I should buy the second part of the book. I know they snoop my online activity. In a weird way I kind of accepted it. I guess my question is how'd they know so much of my personal life.

I'd probably will leave Facebook today. I am sure they are watching this status as well. I hope the jackass behind this learns in my own small way I tried to stand up against their jackassery. Like everyone else here I from IT. I hope some one (or many) from this extraordinary community who is a lot more capable than I am, stands up to this invasion and make an end to this snooping.

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    do you by chance had your Huawei in your pocket while purchasing that book? :)
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    Are all purchases really all that intimate? I guess I would understand if you bought hentai or a catsuit and bunch of lashes, that is intimate. Books though.. mm. It's of course everybody's decision so I agree with you. I just wouldn't blame Facebook entirely, because you know what else would stop personal information being leaked? People not selling it to Facebook. I kinda doubt the mobile app in your phone has recorded you buying your book.
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    @netikras I actually did.. Why do you say that...
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    @Paradox that's a pattern :)

    my wife's friends once had a discussion in a car about some bacteria. The girl owns a huawei. Next day google pops ads for lab tests for that particular bacteria :)

    similar things have happened to others as well

    huawei has some nice hardware, good sw,.. And apparently a very good mic and an excellent speach-to-text transcriber that apparently is very suitable for advertising material :)
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    @Pyjong none of the purchases are intimate but that's not the point though. I understand Facebook will gather information from my activity on Facebook. Again I'm guessing any ecommerce site, say amazon, may have some agreement with Facebook that let's amazon market their product to targeted people who are interested. I agree to that as well.. I do not agree that the information like my day to day activity like the books that I purchased on the high street will be mined. I certainly have not given consent to that, simply because Facebook did not ask for it. If they did they would have agreed the level of hacking they are doing...
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    @netikras I'll remember that. Thanks very much for it.

    You know I saw some documentary somewhere that how US is thwarting Huawei's drive of coming up with 5g by spreading hacking scandal. I thought it to be exactly that. I feel like an idiot now..
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    @Paradox Yupyup I agree. I just think there must be something closer in the payment chain that gave you up.
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    Iremember reading somewhere that credit cards and banks sell the data.. so if you bought something, chances are, that dates was somehow sold to Facebook so they can complete their ownership of you and your wallet.

    Could be wrong, and maybe not that fast
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    Your credit card company is selling your data.
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