Somebody please kill Pinterest!

Pinterest is a cancer that has turned searching by image into a pointless effort. If you search by image, you want to discover the image's original source. Instead you get 1000 Pinterest boards with the image in it.

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    Your google-fu is weak grasshopper.
    or should I say -grasshopper?

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    It drives me potty trying to remember just which button you click on to get to the source of where the image came from, whilst all the others send you into some endless maze..

    Of course, if you don't login, you cant look at that many..
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    I just block the Pinterest domain altogether
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    @magicMirror I don't want to have to type "-site:pinterest.com" every time. Pinterest delenda est.
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    Or you could use TinEye and search the source of whatever.
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    I find though that the only picture that exists about X is there !

    I usually cheat and do a screen shot to get it..
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