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    What the heck
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    20% off. What a deal!
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    Spotify for dummies really?
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    Oh great, now I can finally learn how to use Spotify \o/
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    Oh graite, now I can finally learn Facebook.
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    Reading books for dummies

    A book that teach you how to read books 😅
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    Well that my friends is proper computer science.
    Insert I don't want to live on this planet anymore meme.
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    What is this strange thing lace you are at? I recall something like this years ago. I think they were calls book stores or something like that
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    The series is called "for dummies", what do you expect.

    And I bet there are more grandparents trying to use Facebook and buying a €15 book, than there are CS enthusiasts looking for >€200 bundles of works from Knuth or Dijkstra.

    As long as the last book in the dummies series is called "buying books on Amazon for dummies", it all works out.
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    no devRant for dummies ὸ.ό
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    No. They are literally for dummies
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    I like the little one... windows 7 and office 2010.
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    If you see the publishers bankaccount you'll probably take back the 'sad' part
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    Not Dummies, it's for Mummies. 💀
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    It goes to show you, 'anyone can code'
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    I guess it prints money?
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    How do you write a whole book about Spotify or Pinterest ???
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    it's more like "How to build spotify from scratch" loll
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    Stack overflow for dummies
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    "Spotify for dummies": step 1: press play.
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    What will you write in "Spotify for Dummies"? How to use the search function and create a playlist?
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    WordPress for dummies:
    - Install WordPress
    - Hire a WordPress "engineer"
    - Pay 5 times the price for a feature that you would pay for on a from-scratch website
    - ?
    - Profit
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