Devrant lost it content, cuz there is nothing more to complain about. Everyone has already told their story. So normies come to fill the void. People who know nothing about technology except getting likes. Mostly with lame to mediocore posts that are rather far fetched in order to be called dev related.
Also a lot of good ppl seem to vanish over time. AlexDeLarge, Alice, Jase, Linuxxxx (thou he's back for now) and dfox/trogus.
Looks like we are soon going to hit a devrant depression.

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    @Jilano *pulls out pitchforks and torches*
    Let's go brotha
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    As long as I can rant about fucking CMake, I'm sticking around.
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    So many posts about the decline of quality. Reminds me of this famous statement: "The youth will be the death of our culture," some Egyptian roughly 4000 B. C.

    Remember translation a speech in Latin class from one of Cicero's political opponents complaining the youth is doing nothing but reading books instead of working on their sword play, asking what they are going to do when the Barbarians will stand in the front of the gates of Rome.

    Stick around long enough and you will see people you just complained about complaining in a very similar way.
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    @TheCommoner282 the future is now an old man skipping the line in the grocery store
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    Mate, I'm probably not going to go anywhere anytime soon.

    I took a break because a shitton of stuff was happening and I needed to figure that out but it's becoming better so I'm hanging around again.

    I do hope you still like my content 😅
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