So some ass**** stole the battery of my scooter over night and I got too late to work and missed an important meeting. Nice. Thanks for nothing?

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    Did you just censor the weong part of the word?
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    It's like I'd say *****fucker
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    Yes I did. I noticed it like 30 minutes after I posted it..
    Pure rage talking there 😂
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    @Emphiliis I like you. You get robbed and still laugh here.. That's the soul mate 😂
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    Generally, I am mostly laughing about such stuff, because it's not worth to be angry and being in a bad mood.

    Well, at first it was just 'damn, the scooter does not start anymore. Now I have to take the bus and I'll be late...'.

    So, on the evening I took a look, I first thought battery or fuse died.
    Then I opened the battery case and just saw a big empty hole.

    My emotions in this situation in the correct order:
    First: confusion
    Second: denial
    Third: laughter

    Well, new battery costs about 30Eur, and I'll 'secure' the battery case using screws with different heads that you do not have a screwdriver in your average toolset. Its just security through obfuscation, but I think that's enough in real life.
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    I'm reminded of two stories, one in my dads day when a friend of his kept getting his car radio stolen.

    He fitted razer blades at the back of the unit under the dashboard..

    Next day he came out and found his window broken, and a large pool of blood in his car and on the pavement.

    But after that, no one ever tried again !

    Then there was that guy in France who rigged his car with dynamite..

    I'm not sure how many years in prison he got for that.

    Sounds like a job for a drone with CCTV..

    Now, if you could just tag folk to make catching them later easier..

    Without going the Russian route and using a radioactive solution. :-)
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