Am I the only one who can't cheat on my design/development stages? For example, if I am doing a favor for someone, I will do it my way even when I'm short on time. I simply can't just "take it from the internet and incorporate it into my project".

I just feel for comfort when it's mine. (no Im not referring to reusing code. Clarification in comments)

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    Clarification: by steps I am referring to when someone might ask me to take a free template and ask me to build upon that to save time or money. Or heavily take inspiration from a specific site.
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    From my experience I always used much more time on purchased templates that building it from the ground up.
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    @orijin I don't mind using templates, it's just that I feel a little alien to it which is why I usually prefer coding something new that Im familiar with. Haha
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