So... Today I started using my first Python web framework, web2py. At a first glance I liked it, the templating system, the view/controller thing ecc. But there is one thing in frameworks that I really don't like: they make me feel dumb.
I mean, in just one line of code I can generate an entire form, but if I wanna customize it a little bit... I can't. Or better, it is very hard, also if there is a bug, I have to look for a problem in an entire system that I DID NOT wrote.
I don't like the idea that the frameworksl handles everything for you, like it is teasing me, I don't even know how it works, it just works, and man, I don't like it. There's some kind of hacker in me, I dont like a system that just works, I want to know how it works. But the sad thing is that I will have to learn web frameworks if I want to work in the IT, right? Please If you can help me or share your experience with web frameworks do so.

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    Try friendfeed's (Facebook's) Tornado library I love it.

    Feeling a little adventurous, try Python Twisted. It will not only help you for web framework but in understanding the working of asynchronous programming and callbacks (if you're not used to it, it might take some time for the working to sink in)
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    @Letmecode phoenix is awesome, elixir even more so. That metaprogramming stuff you mention is crazy powerful and accessible
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    @Letmecode thanks, I will try Phoenix
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