Management and other senior leadership have been really shitty recently, I got showed up in a meeting in front of about 20 of my peers and people myself/them and treated like a fucking child.

So I took a week off, uploaded my CV and today, after about 30 calls with offers, I attended two interviews and got two amazing offers of employment!

More money, less responsibility, better career development, modern company and less stress!

I’m so happy and can’t wait to go into work on Monday morning and tell them all to FUCK OFF!

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    Good for you!
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    Congrats! Pro-tip: try to keep it professional at least until you signed the new contract. Calling former employers is part of the background check most compenies do before hiring.
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    nice one
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    Awesome! But a word of advice: do NOT tell them off, EVER! That's what's best for you.
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