Got fired in an email by the boss himself, because according to him I was doing poorly and we had to part ways. He couldn't even spend 10 minutes to say this in person. Maybe the funniest thing is that it was written in Translit (i.e. using Latin letters to write something that should not use Latin letters) with a lot of errors, and this is a guy who has founded several successful companies. This is one of two co-owners of the company, i.e. the business-oriented one, and the tech guy (the other co-owner) had left some months prior to that. I'm mostly glad that I had to leave.

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    How can this even be legal?
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    @Jilano There was some arm twisting involved. They basically forced me to sign a mutual agreement (needless to say how mutual it was in practice). The girl who was doing accounting conveniently had forgot to file my holiday (most probably forced to do so) and it was as if I didn't show to work for two days. If I weren't to play by their rules, I was going to lose my unemployment benefits in the best case and they were probably going to sue me in the worst case.
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    wow, that's.. just wow...
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