CEO hired graphics designer without HR help after first meeting and that person first day of his work borrowed money from people and that’s not end of story.

Same guy came back at night and robbed the workplace with his friends, didn’t came back to work. Company bought couple of big iMac for new graphics department back then, all gone.

When company reported incident to Police it turned out he travel and steal from companies all over the country and they’re trying to catch him for a year.

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    - I use paint and microsoft photoshop for my work
    + Nice! You are hired.
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    Never trust graphic designers
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    He was a professional in his own way though.
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    It's almost impressive. Talking a CEO into hiring you without any background check, etc. And that as it seems like with several companies.
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    This is why we do background checks here in ‘Murika lmao.

    Then again, there’s always a first time for everything despite the fact ๐Ÿ˜‰
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    Quit. That CEO makes horrible decisions, and they impact YOUR future.
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    This is awful for your company but it’s actually a clever scam.
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    Well, we have Presidential Election next year. I'd vote for somebody like that.... oh, wait... we've already got somebody like that... sorry.... next!!!
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