Boss's son (who, despite being 19 and having no formal education or experience, was head of the technical team, consisting of one ops guys, one part-time web developer, and one part-time data entry/programmer) brought a cross bow to work. Just strolled in with it one day and took it back to his office, walking past all the visibly uncomfortable employees. One of the marketing ladies said to him "wow that's a bit scary" but it had no effect. He also wore a trench coat and kept a flying squirrel in a sock in his pocket.

At another place (not doing dev work) I had my manger tell me to type more slowly to get all my hours in, as I was promised 20/wk but they had about 3 hours of work for me to do. I quit after a month.

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    Those are both pretty golden lol
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    “Type slowly so it seems you are productive”

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    @devTea must have been in the public service lol
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    Oh honey, this bitch would've been on the fucking phone wiv 911 in an INSTANT. You can't get fired for calling 911 when someone walks into your workplace with an assault weapon.
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    @unsignedint haha it totally was, great intuition!
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    So... Work on opensource projects 17h and geting paid...?
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    @Wack haha that's what I should have done, I wasn't a developer back then though, just a dumb kid
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