Been working on a particularly elusive HTML menu sizing glitch for over a year now, trying to get it to appear consistently enough to track down its cause. Finally a) got it to happen in a browser so I could hit it with Chrome Inspector and b) figured out what was probably causing it and fixed it.

And then...

*happens again*

*cannot reproduce the issue, but bossman can*

me --> *commits suicide*

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    Make sure it is isn't cached on someones machine.
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    @Demolishun First thing I checked. And cleared. Over and over and over and over again. Tried all new browsers and on various machines and in private/incognito modes. Boss did too. Same problem consistently for him and nothing for me, so I can't narrow it down.
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    @stackodev Sounds like a tough one then.
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    The only thing I can attribute this to is some kind of weird latency or data hiccup that happens for him but not for me.
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    Does the boss have a really strangely sized screen/browser window? I can't imagine that would be the source of the problem, but the obvious stuff has eluded detection so far, so... Time to ask the strange questions, I guess.
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