I'm stuck in a really difficult spot in my office and I'm not sure if I should start looking elsewhere. Tldr; there's no defined hierarchy or career path in the web department leaving no position to be promoted to.

We've got 2 offices with now 150+ employees and for the last 2 years I've basically inherited the responsibilities of an IT manager. Planning and deploying our networks, firewall config, VPN setup, keeping users' systems functional, track equipment, order/setup systems for new employees. All of this in addition to my original job description of web developer, which has basically turned into maintaining client WordPress sites while the other developer builds sites.

I've spoken to our CTO (my supervisor) about how much time the IT stuff actually takes and some of my suggestions for the future to make sure we protect ourselves and future proof our systems the best we can and one of my suggestions was that we needed to create the IT manager position because he is usually in meetings or building out API integrations. He's behind the idea, or at least says so to me, but leadership doesn't believe it's needed because we "manage just fine as it is" (this does require 60 hours a week of work along with much automation that I wrote/built). But we're trying to open a 3rd office which means another 50+ employees and systems to manage as well as more websites as we sign more clients.

My pay has never been satisfactory where I am and based on the maximum raise each year it would take me another 10 years to make what I would like (that's calculating without cost of living increase) but they claim this is because I lack a formal degree (self taught). I love most of the people I work with, don't really have an issue with any of them (outside that they're stupid but that I can let that slide if they're trying), and they work with me and my health issues which cause me to miss significantly more office time than I would like. I've been here for 4 years and I've learned a lot but I don't feel like there's any upward mobility here. The only position I see in my department above me is the CTO (or possibly the new PM but that's not a position I want) and he's not going anywhere, and I firmly believe we need someone who can full-time stay on top of our infrastructure before we expand further.

I fantasize occasionally about leaving and finding something else, and there are plenty of opportunities online that I appear qualified for which pay more, but I worry that I'd be trading in something that really isn't all that bad for something that sucks and the only real perk is more money. I'd hate to go somewhere else and start back at the bottom again and have to prove myself yet again.

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    Sounds like they don't appreciate you. A formal degree shouldn't matter in your case and sounds like an excuse to hold you down. Find somewhere else it. sounds like you have the skills and it doesn't hurt to see what other companies will be willing to offer. That puts the bargaining chip in your hands.
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    Start looking. Then tell then you have found. Wait for a counter offer or leave.

    If they are not willing to give you a countrr offer, the likeness of them giving you a raise is probably equal, meaning close to 0.

    Just be sure you have interesting offers first but i think you should look for a new job just to have plan b in case your happiness goes downwards (its harder to look and find a job when you are not motivated).
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    I felt like this 2 years ago and did end up looking for a new job. Got offered one and ultimately, was convinced to stick around. It was a mistake. I should have left.

    The problem doesn't go away, you just get paid a little more to put up with it. But as the compnay grows, you deal with more and more. Ultimately, what part of your job do you want to be doing and do you want to keep doing 2 jobs with the companies growth over the next 3-5 years?

    I decided it wasn't right and am leaving at the end of this year because 2 years after I first tried to leave, not a single thing has changed.
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    @HighTurtleDev that's another thing, I've been here for 4 years and I've seen a ton of growth in the company. Not just making more money and expanding, but they are also making better long term decisions and planning better. I don't want to say that things haven't changed because a lot has gotten better than where we were 4 years ago.

    Another smaller issue is that each new member of our time is hired "to help with maintenance" but so far we've hired 4 people, 2 quit, one does all the building and never touches them again, and another transferred to the special projects team (working on internal software).

    I appreciate everyone's input so far and I think deep down I know they will continue the abuse as long as I put up with it. I need to start applying to these jobs.
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    @sylar182 ahh i see! I mean, progress is progress and that is always a positive to see. Just depends if you feel benefit from it too!

    Good luck for whichever direction you take, sometimes just job hunting gives you a better perspective
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