18 year ago today the earth stood still... and everything that was never was again ..it truly was the day that changed the world for the future.

I remember where I was when it happened... My aunt and uncle, worked In the pentagon on that day... they remember but they have never talked about that day

Every year its suppose to get easier to cope with that day, but I feel like each year gets harder and harder as the more I realize the things that changed or the other things that also happened around that time... or was popular prior and slowly died out afterward... each year that goes on just reminds me how long ago it was and it’s only getting longer, for the days of “old” ... days and culture of what I remember growing up to never return.

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    Huh? I don’t follow :/
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    @ScriptCoded oh shit. Didn’t even realize we are almost in the middle of September already sorry.

    Yeah man life is difficult and what makes it more so is that you can never be rid of evil in this world. Its always there no matter where you are and where it came from. In my country 9/11 can be your typical Tuesday. God have mercy on all the souls of all victims of that evil.
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    Dude, 18 years ago, I too can say that everything was better. Come to think of it - I was 18 years younger.
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    Lets not get overly dramatic here. It's a terrible thing that happened, but there were many other things going on at that time that are way worse. Any war, for example.

    Just read @sleek 's reply, and that's what I'm talking about.
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    @Quirinus that day caused the war.....
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    @QuanticoCEO I don't want to go down the rabbit hole or repeat what I said, but there's a lot of bad things going on all the time.
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    Not a rant. Also its my birthday so I dont give a flying fuck what it might or might not have caused.
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    Ah, the balcony scene 😳 so many boxes
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    @QuanticoCEO as much of an emotional shock as it was - rationally it was just one part of it. i don't wanna mess with people who still have issues dealing with the memories, but at the same time, they're not always correct.
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    @QuanticoCEO honestly, no - wars have been going on mostly out of self interest all over the world. Between ww1, ww2, cold war, heck even before the 1900s we were all slaughtering each other in the name of religion as a front to self gain and tbh nothing has changed - thats that. We hear about car bombings and missiles regularly taking down people and buildings here and its not even remotely related to 9/11.

    Humans and destruction just always go together no matter how much u try to think politicians and leaders are good. World just goes to shit and only thing we can do is learn some new frameworks and have fun before we go down in the next war/explosion/attack.
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    What an American point of view. In Europe, it was just a fire "over there".
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    @Sven85 wow ... it’s Interesting to see “the rest of the world’s” thought ... considering to day it is still the largest terrorist attack that killed innocent civilians.. outside of war...

    2,996 deaths confirmed, and over 6000+ injured and still 1,111unidentified victims.. across 4 events in less than 2 hours spread over 3 states in 1 day. AND not including the deaths, injuries from the months after from cleanup and those who just breathed in the chemicals of the dust... not even including what happened from the war...

    Sooo no it wasn’t just another fire.. it was the worlds largest terrorist attack on civilians.

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    Agreed, it was the biggest terrorist attack on civilians. But that's an arbitrary category that purposefully excludes wartime deaths. Call it "event with the highest number of civilian casualties", and you'll see 9/11 dwarfed by orders of magnitude by Hiroshima, Agent Orange, the great leap forward and many others. In fact what makes that event so remarkable is the color of the victims skin. Have 3000 bombed in Afghanistan and no one cares, sadly.
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    @Sven85 well let’s think about it a little harder now...

    Yes it is the largest attack on civilians, literally no war was near the area.. fuck .. no war was on that continent ... literally people just going to fucken work....

    No it doesn’t matter skin.. it just so happened to be us... why was it us?? Maybe because we have one of the biggest influences on the world, and one of the richest, so yeah “we kinda a big deal in the world” the skin color has nothing todo with it...

    Why does no one care about Afghanistan and that area? Geee could it be because those folks have been fighting each other for fucken centuries.... what have they given to the world? Why don’t they solve their own problems ??? Why do they let people like the taliban and Sadam and the iatolas of Iran tell them wtf todo??? They all weak... stand the fuck up and take control over your country!

    And yeah it is different category than war time.. yeah war does produce a lot of casualties, and includes civilians...

    But this single event was completely on civilians...unprovoked... there was no war at the time.

    Hiroshima... ummm let’s see those folks attacked us to bring us into the war and they fought us thru the war... ... WW2 was y’alls problem.. and brought us into it. BOTH TIMES!
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    The biggest idiots scream the loudest. Such a good example.
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