I hate the idea of a programmer's day.
I like the logic (256th day) but hate the idea.
It feels full of bullshit. It feels fake.
I guess it had that wannabe impersonator vibe to it that makes me nauseated.
I have similar feelings towards other kinds of such days.

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    All those "days" are as useless as the persons who invented them. But to be honest, I would have never realised there was such a thing in the first place without devRant.
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    @Jilano yeah I didn't know before yesterday that there is a dev day.
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    Thats how I feel about christmas.

    Though in fairness I loved "the grinch stole christmas."

    Enjoy your holidays. Everyone gets them these days. Like participation trophies, it's all gravy.
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    Didn't know we had a day
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    The only people who knew it was dev day were a small subset of developers, so it's not really a "day" at that point, is it? If you told a non-dev it was programmer day there response would be, "Um... ok?"at best
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    there are so many fake holidays, why not one to make you smile for a short moment in the morning?
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    @jespersh till yesterday, I didn't either.
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    @erroronline1 Agreed, mate! Like next Monday is "Insult your clients" day. I'm looking forward to it.
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    I like the Chinese date better 😁
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