[God creating manager]
God: Take a blood sucking Dracula
Angel: okay
God: Wrap in a human costume
Angel: wait, is that legal?
God: Now make it dumb
Angel: -_-
God: Throw it between intelligent people
Angel: Is everything alright at your home?

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    @Fast-Nop when you hate someone just because he/she forgets about clicking some button it means you are frustrated and putting your anger on wrong place. Go get some life.
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    @xsid I have filtered out the stupid memes in order not to see this shit, and stupid fuckers like you bypass that.

    If you're already too dumb to get some simple multiple choice crap right, I don't want to even image the shit that you call your code.
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    @Fast-Nop don't you read I FORGET IT. Not a big deal to me. If you wanna waste your time by being a dick on silly things like this, do it. No One Cares.
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    @xsid Are you a manager?
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    @xsid @Fast-Nop actually, as a Certified Troll, I care. Just enough to make your comment 'no one cares' invalid.
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    Now add some salt!
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    @Root no but I wished to be God to fix managers
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