Folks, it's happening!

Look at this shit: they managed to create a web editor / infrastructure technology which enables you to write backends blazingly fast. No deploy time, no git (versioning with feature flags).

Sadly, this comes with the worst vendor lock-in ever. But it is still a great idea to take the approach to drastically remove complexity out of today's software.


I am torn. But I would prefer if it was OSS of course (to be able to self-host it).

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    Its not that much quicker than an node server or php server though. Sure the initial setup is like a bit longer but what is an hour on weeks (probably months) of development
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    @Codex404 For an experienced dev like you, that may be the case. But with that, somebody with less experience can keep the pace with you.

    (or maybe not, but we cannot try it ourselves openly for now)
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    This sounds just like elastic beanstalk or lambda (in lambda you also have an in Browser editor ready to edit) - just with an own language
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    Yeah cause we need another language.
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    Looks neat imo. Perhaps just a little too visual for my taste
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    Nothing new here.
    Azure has similar features for years and more “open”
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    Looks horrible to maintain, even the minimal toy example in the video is a mess in the end: What routes exist? How is the data organized?

    Also, where would I put common functionality? How does testing work? Is everything I do live immidiatly?

    Maybe good for prototyping but not for anything you want to actually deploy.
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    Maybe this is going to inspire a OSS project!
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