New guy taking over senior software developer since the last one seemed to burn out / got tired of all the bullshit. His coming replacement has a habit of making 'software walkthroughs' for every repository we have. The project organization is so badly managed and we only ever work on requirements when we have something concrete. After Outlook-declining one of the walkthroughs I get this little gem from him in an IM:

Guy: <Old Snr Dev> felt that you built the base for it and it would be good if you are there as you might take it forward is what <Manager> told me

Me: yeh but it is like so straightforward
and basically there are other projects on github which do the exact same thing

Guy: okay, just that I have not seen the code yet. Or anyone else to take it forward

Me: i think - go through it when you need to
if there are problems, then ask

WTF? You didn't even check it yourself and you want me to handhold you as a senior software developer? Totally nuts.

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    He's the that type of old senior cause he delegates or procrastinates. Don't be that guy or you will know nothing and get nothing done. Also they get found out quickly by seniors and people who actually build things.
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    @dixieflatline I actually think he's quite talented, just missing in some details when he works...and yeh software walkthroughs aren't really necessary unless something major has come up or it's a critical system
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