A friend of mine is finishing his telecomm engineering degree, currently on an internship.
Turns out that his new job consists on managing their trainwrecked WordPress and making pictures for their Facebook page. His boss is also the biggest a-hole I've never heard off.
He is so fed up of their bullshit he made a lil backdoor on the web. We are planning on injecting a script that replaces every char on the site with \uFD5. Any better ideas?

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    There's a Unicode character to make text after it go backwards. I think it's u202e.
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    If your backdoor allows access to code. Replace every semicolon with a Greek question mark (looks identical pretty much)
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    @edisonn it's just a frontend backdoor. No security risks implied apart from using WordPress itself.
    Also, take this perspective. He is on a paid internship, meaning he is indirectly paying the business to work for them. Internships are part of the education and are subject of several rules, for example a degreed engineer should be at all times in charge of my friend.
    The reality is that nobody in that business has any grasp of engineering and are breaking all the rules and even laws of internships. They are abusing students and charging them for what would be the work of a secretary.
    The mature option? Quit the job, lose the college tuition and a full year of education, suing them and pay for lawyers and shit, and hope to get another internship next year after that. All while being a 23yo broke ass student. At least this way he is somewhat applying what he learnt at college.
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    @edisonn well, those are good points, reputation and recommendations.
    However I must say there are not such things as senior developers or git at that business. Or plain developers. Not even data relevant to the business in any computerized media. He's literally posting bullcrap on a blog. It's even hosted on godaddy... nuff said.
    Anyway, probably will be better to approach the issue on a more elegant way, like reporting them to the university court, so at least no more students will end in that shithole. If they don't sink themselves before (layoff plan 2 years ago)

    But man, I wish I could see these things from your perspective... I could not go through this and just swallow and let go. Even if it were the best thing for me, it wouldn't be the right thing. I can't stand bullies.
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