At first I wasn't really happy when MS bought GitHub (Considering the things they fucked up in the past).
However right now it seems like it really was a change for the better. I am currently testing GitHub Actions for CICD and holy fuck its amazing!

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    Any comments about best practices you can speak to? I barely got beta access this Tuesday, so i don't wanna make mistakes that someone else has already made
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    @jespersh this. I find it interesting how the traditionally corporate and stuffy Microsoft is pivoting faster than the people who criticize it for the very same thing.
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    I have access to actions and package registry but I can’t find useful usage of it without storing some passwords in “secret” storage.

    Maybe I’m just paranoid but providing credentials to server resources inside some public website seems wrong to me.
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    Microsoft is lot better than it used to be.
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    @lukegv actions are strict container based, you need to provide base container to do something.

    I never used travisci but I don’t see no gain.

    Well at some point you need to decide if you want to provide some critical credentials to your systems or host deployment inside and I am a guy who want to expose nothing so maybe that’s why I don’t know where to use it.
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    @lukegv i haven't tried it, but it appears to integrate most of the different CIs' strengths. it has full build matrix support, all three major operating systems, is free (for FOSS) and appears to run reasonably fast (which is the one thing that's different from travis afaik).
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