Being paid as a 'junior software developer' at the average salary for that with all these responsibilities

That's a funny joke

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    The question is:

    Do I quit
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    If you have the ability to line up something better bide your time and take the better thing. If you don’t, work until you do and then line up something better.
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    Ok but are those responsibilities really fair to ask of only me at my wage?
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    I got a job and they expect me to WORK.

    Is that fair?

    It is a blessing to be able to learn all those things that you can use as experience for your senior position later.
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    @Demolishun a blessing? I have no senior to learn anything from

    Im expected to 'figure it all out'
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    @Owenvii quit and find a better job if you can afford to be some days unemployed
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    @Owenvii Don’t quit. However, keep applying elsewhere. Also use this as your selling point. While interviewing with other firms tell them all that you are responsible for in your current position.
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    Funny, now a days I quit when I get responsibilities taken away from me
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    @Owenvii Well, thats how the industry works, you won't always have someone to mentor you. Lower pay usually means they grant you more tolerance for mistakes and making your own mistakes is the best way to learn how to do it better.
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    @Owenvii As your ingenious boss once said: "yes". But not yet, find a better position first.
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    @Owenvii They are basically saying, "We know you don't know this, but we are willing to train you. This is what we want you to learn."

    Every job I have had they expected me to "figure it out". That is what they pay you for. I went from programming PLCs in school to programming a completely different model for a huge system when I hired on. Oh and I learned an HMI system I had never used by reading the manuals. Then because I figured it out I was asked to program more and more. Until finally they said to me, "Okay, now design this multi-million dollar system." I never had a mentor for what I did. I just picked up manuals and ran with it.
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    @Demolishun hmm.. Perhaps you are correct. You have given something for me to reflect on. Maybe there is an opportunity im missing right in front of me..

    Thank you. Sometimes its hard to see the positive in what feels like a negative situation.
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    @Owenvii Divide and conquer. If it turns out they are just abusing you later then you will have more experience.
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