There comes a moment in every coders life where he must prove his programming chops by solving an arbitrary problem for one of their random relatives. If they fail, they have brought shame to their family name. But if they succeed, there is no greater glory.

Random Uncle: "Hey my wifi isn't working. Can you fix it?"
Me: Restarts laptop. Wifi works.
Uncle: "Wow nice job!"

Indeed. There is no greater glory.

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    Router: Restarts uncle..

    Uncle works...

    You: Great job!!
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    @klonky Uncle gets stuck in bootloop.

    Typical router.
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    Boss called me

    Drove me to his home and made coffee

    TV and Laptop cant connect to Router but boss is sure everything works because iphone shows wifi.

    Restart router, connect tv and laptop.

    Boss put to shame in front of wife and grandchild
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