We work with Javascript, we are not warriors nor oppressed factory workers at the turn of the 20th century packing meat (and bits of themselves) into cans for 18 hours a day nor Russian serfs that are more destitute after being freed from bondage nor anything else that might have some internal cohesion and valid reason to complain about ANYTHING AT ALL.

We program with a scripting language that can literally be all things to all people because its Frankenstein's Cyber Monster after a career as a stripper in Oregon and was made up of the shittest parts left at the graveyard. We won't transcend ourselves calling for "Web Components without Frameworks" and "Transcendence dot JS" seriously eat shit and die.

The larping in this industry is stupider than the product of a Kentucky cousin fuck. Sure the well branded catch phrase making everyone goo goo for the easiest path possible in front end development (the JAM stack come on fuckery doo-dahs you see through it too right?) tries my patience too but not nearly as much as everyone climbing all over each other looking for something to make them feel as if they actually stand for something as they push out all of the residents in West Oakland because 'its close'.

Adults that make six figures, live about as well as any human ever has and still there is need to induce in one's self the strive and chaos that literally could be yours if you just started wandering SF at night, but of course that would be scary and its easier to be able to put down the scary at night while you slowly work your way through the Netflix and Hulu catalogue BECAUSE ITS NOT REAL FUCKING STRUGGLING ITS JUST WHINING

Do us all a fucking favor, stop acting like the parents that you leave work early every other Thursday to bitch about to some sniveling asshole with a master's psych who is probably working on his PHd in totally fucking useless. Please stop pretending you have any idea what actual struggle is. You couldn't handle the bitter taste of your own failings or the more bitter and scarier than all the shit kitties combined taste of the failings of the people you trust, don't lie to yourself.

Just leave the weird dude in a suit alone in the corner while he listens to music that sounds like it coming out of a fissure that opened in the street so could Satan come up and snatch your mother in law after she goes under for another facelift. There might be a reason that the cacophony of Hell's fury is conducive to that coworker's workflow that if he told you about it definitely would need some time off that the team can't afford because you and everyone else in the office NEVER STOPS COMPLAINING LONG ENOUGH TO DO A FUCKING THING

Instead write some components without frameworks and reinvent that fucking wheel for yourself asshat or stuff your face with some more free snacks in the break room BUT DON'T LINGER AROUND LONG ENOUGH TO SWALLOW THE SHIT YOU MIGHT START RANTING ABOUT HOW TERRIBLE IT IS FOR YOU BECAUSE YOUR NEIGHBOR LOOKED AT YOU JUDGMENTALLY.

My Linux install may break a lot, but at least I can disable the motherboard beep.

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    Ahhh... Thank you for this.
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    Even in relatively smoother situations, recognising trifles as troubles and trying to solve them, whose pre-stage is complaining, gives a certain amount of dopamine humans generally crave.
    Also, for most men, a state of eternal bliss and happiness coming from gratitude, cuts the urge to push forward. Only a few are nobly motivated.
    A counter-rant? Maybe.
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