People giving Xcode bad reviews for being english only.

Stay the fuck away from development if english is a problem for you! 🤬

I'm already annoyed by the translation craze everywhere in development.

At least Apple remains sane in that regard.

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    A translated documentation is something worse than nothing. I hate them and always use the English one.
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    Yeah the 80% of the world's population that don't speak English can fuck off and leave development for the rest of us. In fact I'd go further and build an English language test into all dev tools that has to be passed before you can use them. If it asks about how to use "there", "their" and "they're" we can probably narrow down to dev pool to a few dozen people.
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    @nibor You code in english. Every API is in english. So english is a requirement. Translated documentation confuses more than it helps. Same goes for translated IDEs where non english words for Compile or Unit Test simply make no sense. It only makes it harder for all users to use and understand their tools.
    So, yeah. English is a requirement for devs. You may not like it but it's a fact.
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    Just have imagined how could looked an oriental API endpoint...
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    They should be killed because they want to use Xcode...

    Now, mostly all computer-related words are pretty forward to translate if you master other languages. If can't translate Unit Test to a language you master, you should only work for macOS apps.
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    @CyberXander Your example got me curious, so I had to look it up. According to the spec, https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3986, URIs are based on US-ASCII characters. Looks like only the latin languages stand a chance in practice or the english alphabet version of the language i.e. example.com/api/v1/konechnaya_tochka, example.com/api/v1/endpunkt, example.com/api/v1/punto_final, example.com/api/v1/jongjeom. Thought it was neat.
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    Russian/Chinese software markets: exist
    Lensflare: I'm about to end this man's whole career
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    @witcher Jeez, I'm talking about dev stuff. Not all software. 🙄
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    @witcher Software interfaces for end users is unrelated to the language that software is written in. To design the UI you'd better know both English and the target language but that's about it. Everything else development, administration, testing, collaboration between these tradesmen.. all English. Suck it up buttercup.

    Case in point: there's not many but I've talked to a few people from both China and Russia (particularly Russians, Telegram seems to be rather popular there). All of which was of course in English, or these Russians/Chinese were told to talk in English. They can use translators and their infrastructure being largely incompatible with the rest of the world doesn't mean that everyone else has to assimilate to them. That's the other way around.

    Ik kan ook niet zomaar even in het Nederlands gaan babbelen en verwachten dat dit verstaanbaar is voor mensen die geen Nederlands spreken (have fun with that one, should be fairly straightforward for a translator). Is this the type of world you want software development to turn into? Where every single sentence has to be run through a translator first to know what the fuck it means?
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    @Condor Dude, I was just messing around, I don't disagree with the efficiency of linguistic unanimity in software development (insofar as public/global programming goes). Good points and all, anyway.
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    I just hate the idea of translating code, as Excel did with their formulas.

    While I don't see any problem translating documentation, but it is not supposed to be necessary. Actually, it is easier to read the documentation in English than on my native language.
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    @brunofontes Excel is a special kind of evil. You can't just use someone else's formula. You have to look up every single command in it and its correct name in the system language. *shudders*
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    @saucyatom every single time.

    It would be so easy if they translated only the documentation, keeping the language selector on it...
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    @Condor Ich kann auch nicht einfach so Deutsch sprechen und erwarten, dass es von Menschen verstanden wird, die kein Deutsch können.

    I never learned to speak Dutch but as a German translating this one was really straightforward, your point is still valid tho, must English-speakers won't be able to understand.
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    I'd love to build an absolutely stunningly useful API/library/framework in say, spanish.

    Just to fuck with people.

    Unicode: where the world went wrong.
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