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So my current (student) job. Asked me to count inventory. Did so, on paper because nobody had a list of the product barcodes for easy cumulative scanning. I also made records for every single barcode. Then I had to key it in onto the Bookkeeping and sales software thing. They don't have keyboard shortcuts, so I quickly made an ahk script.
Had to manually type in everything 3ven though I had a digital listing.
Software lets you print barcodes for products but gives you an error when you try because you haven't assigned a code. WHICH YOU CAN'T DO IN THAT Crap. You also can't search for a product based on code.

Found out it used access as a back end for that buggy c++ thing that crashes with 'operation not permitted' when you press the red x. Great! Now I can import! And there is a barcode field. Wow. Fucking fantastic. What a fuckfest.

Their website. Their fucking website. Great from a user's standpoint, but my God. It uses joomla! However, version 2.5. That hasn't been supported for a long time. Part of the images are hard coded into the theme. The text editor flips. Adding a page sometimes works, sometimes it doesn't, and sometimes makes 2 pages.

And their cnc lathe runs on a laptop with Windows 3 on it, but hey, fine

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    Just wow.
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    @SithLord but it is easy money and sorta a nice challenge. Not going to find a nicer students job I think. They do give some company benefits, like press access to the Brussels motorshow and other events. And a trip to Milan next week.
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    Get them off that obsolete Joomla and on a secure 3.x version. Or soon you will find yourself blamed when it gets hacked.
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    @DebCinkus we are moving to another outsourcing company that will rebuild it in drupal. Since I know the new guy personally I am quite sure he will keep it up to date
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