Hot take: Serverless isn't nearly as great as everyone says it is.

That is all.

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    Well the implementations I've seen of it recently are hot garbage that's for sure. They're probably doing it "wrong" but I would prefer people do the old snoozeness correctly than to do the new hotness incorrectly. Unfortunately the kind of person constantly drawn to the new hotness technologies usually has the attention span of a gnat and hasn't learned how to do ANYTHING correctly. :/
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    @HollowKitty our whole company is build around serverless and as a backend developer I would say it works in most cases
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    it really depends on what you do and what costs you’re okay with. At scale lambdas are pricey, but maybe not as pricey as an ops team. and if you’re doing any kind of data processing then they’re just not an option for you.

    But shitty teams will make shitty software regardless of the tech they’re using.

    Same goes for good teams, most of the time
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    What about Laravel's recently released Vapor? Seems pretty good to me.
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    what a garbage thread
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    So if you host something on a serverless platform, what kinda hardware is it hosted on? Beers and chocolate bars?
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